BF 124 May Edith Harvey 1886-1914



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Port Letters & No: 
Owners & Port History
BF 124
( chronological order)

1. Owner: Charles Thompson from 1886 October 20th.

May Edith Harvey
Official Number:  Port: Macduff
  2. Owner: Alexander Pirie (Skipper), George Pirie and John Pirie all of Manner St., Macduff in the County of Banff from 1891 November 22nd.
Built:  Port: Macduff
  3. Owner: Alexander Pirie of Hotel Building, Portknockie in the County of Banff, Fisherman, from 1901 February 22nd.
Type of Vessel:  Port: Portknockie.
Decked lugger, Zulu, clinckered, 2nd class, 4 men, lines. 4. Owner: 
Length:  Port: 
   17ft lok., 21ft loa., 7.8ft b., 4.0ft d. 5. Owner: 
Tonnage:  Port: 
   4 grt.remeasured to 3grt 1899 November 10th. 6. Owner: 
Engine Power:  Port: 
One lug sail.  

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Radio Call Sign:     
1886 to 1914    


   1886 first registered October 20th.

1914 registry closed February 2nd on change of ownership.