BF 819 Jeremiah 1882-1909

References: Customs and Excise Register of Sea Fishing Boats

Port Letters & No: BF 819

Name: Jeremiah

Official Number: 

Built: 1882 September. James Duncan, Garmouth

Type of Vessel: Lugger, Zulu, carvel, 1st class,  6 men and  1 boy, nets and lines.

Dimensions:   46.0ft.lok.,  59.5ft.loa.,  17.5ft.b.,6.0 ft.d.

Tonnage: 24.0grt.,  24.0nrt. remeasured 1902 January 24th to 28.11grt., 28.11nrt.

Propulsion: Sails;

Radio Call Sign:

Years: 1882 to 1909

Owners & Port History:

1. Owner: William Gardiner and George Gardiner  until 1902 January 24th. The ownership and the role of Skipper seems to change, between the two men, over the period of ownership.

Port: Cullen

2. Owner: William McKay, Skipper, and William Sutherland both of Sandend in the County of Banff from 1902 January 24th., until 1907 February 7th.

Port: Sandend

3. Owner: William McKay of 10 Sandend in the County of Banff, Fisherman, from 1907 February 7th.

Port: Sandend

4. Owner: 


5. Owner: 


6. Owner: 



1882 September 12th., registered BF 819 Jeremiah.

1909 January 26th registry closed vessel broken up.