INS 248 Northern Scot 1911-1919


References: Customs and Excise Register of Sea Fishing Boats

Port Letters & No: INS 248

Name:  Northern Scot

Official Number: 132776

Built: 1911, John Duthie, Torry, Shipbuilding Co.

Type of Vessel: Steam Screw Ketch, 1st class, 9 men, drift nets. (possibly line fishing while in Aberdeen registry)

Dimensions:   84.0ft.lok.,  84.0ft.loa.,  18.10ft.b., 8.75ft.d.

Tonnage: 90.04grt.,  37.81nrt.

Propulsion:  Steam engine by Messrs Abernethy, Aberdeen; 31nhp.

Radio Call Sign:

Years: 1911 to 1919

Owners & Port History:

As INS 248 Northern Scot

1. Owner: John Smith of 13 Argyle St., Lossiemouth

Port: Lossiemouth

As A 225 Northern Scot

2. Owner: Andrew Craig of 57 Murray Terrace, Aberdeen ( Cof C: 11492) Fisherman, until 1923 January 15th

Port: Aberdeen

3. Owner: John Ellis of 18 Regent Quay and William Meff of Commercial Quay, both in the City of Aberdeen from 1923 January 15th until 1924 February 20th.


William Hutcheson CoC: 9522

Marquis Slater CoC: 15383

Port: Aberdeen

As FR 14 Northern Scot

4. Owner: Alexander Buchan snr., (Skipper) 6, Bridge St., and John Buchan, Peter Buchan and Alexander Buchan, all of St Combs, Aberdeenshire, Fishermen

Port: St Combs

As PD 151

5. Owner: G R Wood, Aberdeen.

Port: Aberdeen


1911 July 13th. launched from the yard of John Duthie (Torry) Shipbuilding Co. She was named by Miss Isabella Smith of Lossiemouth, daughter of one of the owners. The launch was followed by a cake and wine banquet.

1915 May on Admiralty service as anti-submarine net vessel; Ad No:2425; fitted with 0ne 3pdr., gun. Based briefly in the Channel and the Irish Sea but mainly in the Eastern Mediterranean.

1919 returned to owners

1919 July, Lossiemouth registry closed, vessel sold to Aberdeen.

1919 July 31st., registered A 225 Northern Scot (possibly used as a liner)

1924 February 20th., Aberdeen registry closed, registry transferred to Fraserburgh District. Vessel bought by Alexander Buchan snr., and others, St Combs for £2200. Mr Buchan is described as the skipper of the Nellie (FR 760?)

1924 February registered FR 14 Northern Scot

1939 May 30th. It was reported that the engineer aboard the Northern Scot, Edward Lamb of Fraserburgh was scalded by an escape of steam from the boiler while the vessel was berthed in Wick. He was taken to Bignold Hospital but his injuries were not serious.

1941 on Admiralty service; harbour duties.

1944 returned to owners.

1945 May 22nd. The Peterhead drifter PD 334 Daisy sprang a leak while on the fishing grounds and was towed into Peterhead by the Northern Scot.

1945 Fraserburgh registry closed; vessel sold to Aberdeen owner

1945 registered PD 151 Northern Scot

1950 Saturday 11th November the skipper and crew of the Northern Scot were commended for the daring rescue of the crew of the Yarmouth drifter, YH 63 Romany Rose which had been holed and then swept ashore at the entrance to Yarmouth harbour in heavy seas and a strong tide. The temporary skipper of the Northern Scot, Jack Wright of Yarmouth was able to manouvre alongside the Romany Rose and take off her crew inspite of the real risk to his own boat and crew. The Romany Rose was later refloated and repaired. She had won the Prunier Trophy in 1946. The regular skipper of the Northern Scot, Mr Robert May of Cairnbulg had been called home because of the illness of his daughter.

1952 Peterhead registry closed, vessel scrapped.

From many press reports on fish landings she appeared to have been a well fished vessel under all her owners.