GY 88 Tubal Cain 1905-1914





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Port Letters & No: 
Owners & Port History
 GY 88
( chronological order)

1. Owner: Rushworth & Atkinson, Grimsby (John Edward Rushworth, Manager) 1905

Tubal Cain  
Official Number:  Port: Grimsby  
122709 2. Owner: Rushworth Steam Fishing Co., ltd. (John Edward Rushworth, Manager) 1910  


1905 Smith’s Dock Co., ltd., Nirth Shields. Yd No 784

Port: Grimsby  
3. Owner:   
Type of Vessel:  Port:   
 Steam screw ketch, 1st class, 8 men, trawl nets. 4. Owner:   
Dimensions: Port:   
    120.2ft.loa.,  22.0ft.b., 11.6ft.d. 5. Owner:   
Tonnage:  Port:   
  227grt., 111nrt. 6. Owner:   
Propulsion: Port:   
 Steam engine; T3cyl; 58nhp.    

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Radio Call Sign:       
 1905 to 1904      


 1905 October 16th., launched.

1905, November completed and registered GY 88 Tubal Cain.

1914, August 7th., Off Iceland, Skipper Charles Smith; 14 crew; took fishing gear on board and preparing to light a buoy near which she intended to ‘dodge’ because a heavy sea was running; at 1900 she was stopped by the German auxiliary cruiser Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse 50 miles WNW of Stalberg, W Iceland. Crew ordered to take to their small boat. Sunk by gunfire at 2100.