Royal Naval Patrol Service Memorial Lowestoft

The Royal Naval Patrol Service was created following World War 1 as the Admiralty assessed the experience of WW1.

The service depended on the fishing fleet for its vessels and on the fishermen and other reservists for the bulk of its men in times of war. The service was based in Lowestoft and after WW11 the memorial was raised to the men who were lost and who had no known grave other than the sea.

Panel 5 includes John David McCallum from Macduff, my mothers first cousin, who was killed with his skipper and all his crew mates when serving on the requisitioned Grimsby trawler Ormonde which was sunk by German aircraft off Cruden Bay whilst on mine sweeping duties.

John, ‘Jackie’, McCallum was named after his two Grandfathers John May of Cairnbulg and David McCallum of Macduff. John May had himself been lost with his crew when their boat, the William Low was swamped in a sudden squall off Rattray Head in 1867. His daughter Martha May, my Great Grandmother whom I knew as a child later married David McCallum of Macduff.

These men provided a life line for our country which arguably turned the tide of war against the German mines and U boats which were on the verge of starving us into defeat. They are, in my view,  our unsung heroes.

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