I am most grateful to the West family, Stanley, Alan and John, of Macduff for recording this information      before it is lost.



              Seine Net Fishing Shots Used by Macduff and Whitehills Fishermen.


(Mithcowie Bank)- Craig.- NxE – Approx -14 miles.


Shooting North – Golder – Doon the Back – South to Malley – Half the Dykie – Back o Craig – South – West into Durn – East /Face of Craig.


Howe. – NE – Approx – 4 miles.


                         Braemere – Diggins – Loch Craig – Needle Eye – Geila.


Clives – Approx – NNW – 7-8 miles.


East By – Approx – ExN – 12 miles.

Swash shooting West – Coolit head – New Found Out (East of Troup Head) – Shooting West to Bothy (Salmon Bothy at Mull Shore). – Shooting West to the Hads – Pennan Bay. – Shooting East to the Bomber- Shooting near the Targets (Rosehearty Bay).



Bellens.Approx 4 miles off Findochty.- east shot at the Bellens – Vs – Dirtin Barrell – Buss/Bush – Hirst – Cullen Men’s Craig – Wembley (off Cullen ) So called because the Cullen Bay Hotel and Wembley Football Stadium were both built 1921-22.


East of Macduff Inby

Smattchetts – Sand (East of Tarlair) – Grains (Between Tarlair and Mhor Head). – Kippie (Off Troup Head).


Back o Grun- 3 miles NNE of Macduff.

Shooting west to Steeple – shooting East of Ground. –


Back O Busk (A large peak)- approx 4 miles NE of Macduff


Cheelies Hole (Near Pennan Shoals) – Burrs – Approx 1 mile (off Point of Black Pots)


Smith Bank. Approx 35 miles NxW of Macduff.


Whitehouses – Buoy – Heccles- Reef – Logie head (between Cullen and Portknockie)


West Bank – Approx 30 miles from Macduff.


Biticky – Approx 23 miles NE of Macduff.