Week 37 – 11th to 17th April 1915

Sunday 11th April 1915




Monday 12th April 1915

 A huge explosion took place following from a fire, at an Admiralty store on Harbour Street, Lerwick.

Extensive damage was done to neighbouring properties and a large number of people were killed or injured.


James S Mowatt, 15, Lerwick

James Watt, Lerwick.

James Wiseman, 36, Lerwick.

Arthur Hazell, 37, RNR, H M Trawler Eider ( H 459)

Robert Clark, 67, Mossbank.

Robert Luxton, Portsmouth HM Trawler Horatio (H 870)

George B Robertson, ? HM Trawler Horatio (H 870)

James Inkster, H M Drifter Boy Joe (FR 550)

F T Ellison, H M Trawler Horatio (H 870)

Charles Turner, H M Trawler Horatio (H 870)

George Ross, H M Trawler Eider ( H 459)

W T Amis, H M Trawler Eider ( H 459)

John Kirkby, H M Trawler Eider ( H 459)

Clarence Hall, H M Trawler Horatio (H 870)

John Ford, Temp Skipper, H M Trawler Sitvel (FD 49 Velia ( for further info on ship, courtesy of Bosuns Watch click on boats name))

John R Smith

James White

Sam Ashby

Mrs Ganson

John Tait

James Kerslake. H M Trawler, Horatio (H 870)

Gideon Watt





Lieut Hopper RNR

Lieut Forbes, RNR, H M Trawler Sitvel

Joseph J Hughes , H M Trawler Sitvel.


Tuesday 13th April 1915

 The Board of Trade announced that it was pleased to award the Silver Medal for Gallantry to a Norwegian seaman, A Wold Hansen of the steamer Catherine Cuneo, for rescuing a deckhand from H M Drifter Daisy (possibly FR 270) who had fallen into the harbour at Kirkwall.




Wednesday  14th April 1915

 The Aberdeen trawler A 605 Glencarse was taken as a prize by U 6 ( Commander: Reinhold Lepsius) and taken to Sylt.The crew were taken prisoner.




Thursday 15th April 1915

 It was reported that German warships had seized a number of Ijmuiden trawlers, IJM 166 Nicolaas, IJM ? Een, IJM ? Twee, IJM ? Rynland  and taken them to Cuxhaven.

The Aberdeen  trawler A  Fisher Prince landed eight survivors from a Swedish steamer the Folke which had sunk after an explosion twenty miles off Peterhead. They had successfully taken to their lifeboat as she sank. The trawler had searched unsuccessfully, for five hours, for a second lifeboat. The second lifeboat and her occupants were later found by the Fraserburgh trawler FR 239 North Cape.

It was reported that James Donald Stephen of Fraserburgh, engineer on H M Drifter Egbert (FR 481), was drowned when he fell into the harbour at Portsmouth.

Friday 16th April 1915

 The Swansea trawler SA 57 Caswell put into Swansea, the skipper having been found in his cabin with his throat cut.



Saturday  17th April  1915