Week 33 – 14th to 20th March 1915

Sunday 14th March 1915

The Grimsby trawler GY 248 Orlando was wrecked at Stornoway while on hire to the Admiralty.

The Fleetwood trawler FD 26 Ceresia ( for further information courtesy of Bosun’s Watch click on name)was sent out to investigate reports of bodies floating in the North Channel. These were believed to be from the armed cruiser Bayano which had been torpedoed on the 11th.


Monday 15th March 1915

 The North Shields trawler SN 72 Ayacanoro rescued the crew of the Leith steamer Fingal after she was sunk bu U 23 (Commander: Hans Schulthess) 6 miles East by South of Coquet Island.


Tuesday 16th March 1915

 The Liverpool tug Ranger successfully refloated the Aberdeen trawler A 438 Daniel Stroud which had gone ashore in Pterhead’s South Bay on February 6th.




Wednesday  17th March 1915

 A new trawler was launched from the yard of Messrs Cochrane and Sons Selby to the order of Mr D Petit Milford Haven. The vessel was named M 15 Cotsmuir Mrs T S Ullathorne of Selby.




Thursday 18th March 1915

The fishing at Mounts Bay in Cornwall was reported to be very good. The Lowestoft steam drifter LT 185 Happy Days landed 30,000 mackerel.

A new trawler was launched from the yard of Messrs Hall Russell and Co., Ltd., Footdee, Aberdeen to the order of Charles Nutten. She was named Eveline Nutten (A 286) by the wife of the owner.

The Cardiff steamer Blue Jacket was torpedoed and damaged but not sunk by U 34 ( Commander: Claus Rucker ) 15 miles East of Owers Light Vessel. A number of the crew were taken off by the Ramsgate smack R 223 Concord.

Friday 19th March 1915

 The Admiralty reported the death of two Grimsby fishermen who were killed when their ship HMT Fentonian (GY 804)  was struck by a shell:

Gilbert Morvinson of 31 Lime Street Grimsby

James Cribb of 6 James Terrace, Victor Street Grimsby.

The Blyth trawler BH 66 Lord Airedale was lost with her entire crew at Bridlington.

 An inquest was held in Douglas IOM into the death of three of the crew of the Bayano. The bodies had been recovered by the Admiralty trawler Norse, FD 72 ( for more detail courtesy of Bosuns Watch click on her name)

The Grimsby trawler GY 804 Fentonian, which was on hire to the Admiralty, suffered two casualties when fired upon by shore batteries in the Dardanelles:

Gilbert Morvinson,Deckhand, RNR, DA 2088

Edward Worrell, Chief Petty Officer (Pens) (RFR A 1486) 130204 (Ch)


Saturday  20th March 1915