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This archive is dedicated to my wife Isobel and to my daughters and their families, Janet, Kevin, Jamie and Cameron and Lindsay, John, Sophie and Anna who have been dragged round almost every harbour and maritime museum from the East  Coast of Sweden around the whole of the North Sea and on to the American East Coast and including the Faroe Islands and Iceland…………….and to my parents, Douglas Paterson and Violet McCallum and my ‘fisher’ grandparents Archibald McCallum of Macduff and Williamina Watson of Whitehills and my great grandparents David McCallum of Macduff, Martha May of Cairnbulg and Alec Watson and Isabella Clark Levenie of Whitehills.

It is also dedicated to the many, many other fisher families who have risked everything to bring home the Silver Harvest from the sea.

We have a rich heritage in our communities, families and boats which have committed to the UK fishing industry over the past 150 years. Significant records and recollections of the people and their boats exist today. Fishing Boat Heritage has been created to provide a single easily accessed archive before much of this is lost forever.

You will find boats listed according to their port letters and numbers with details of the boats and their owners and wherever possible, photographs also.

If you are interested in the industry, the boats or perhaps your own family’s history, Fishing Boat Heritage will provide an invaluable resource.
A huge amount of information is available and it will be uploaded as time permits

If you have information  which you are willing to share, if you want us to prioritise a particular port in uploading information, or if you have a specific query which we can help you with, then please contact the website through our ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the website. Please be careful of Copyright.

The site has been the subject of a number of attacks by hackers since it beganin 2010. On each occasion material was lost. If you have sent info or photos which are not visible on the site these attacks are the most likely cause. Please accept my apologies.
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Every effort has been made and will continue to be made to avoid any breach of copyright. If you wish to contribute material to the website, and that would be most welcome, you will need to confirm to me that you control the copyright or have the copyright holders permission for it to be published. If by any chance any item slips through these controls please contact me and I will remove it until any copyright issues are resolved.


The information given is intended to honour all of those involved in the industry over the years and to provide a record for future generations.However if you feel that your privacy has been breached in any way please contact us at and we will resolve the matter.


‘All hail the power of Jesu’s name, Let angels prostrate fall,

Bring forth the Royal Diadem, and crown Him Lord of all.’


…………….the boat featured in the artwork is the Royal Diadem BF 260  whose name came from the hymn.

Photgraphs above of the Royal Diadem and the Co Worker BF 274  are courtesy of Alistair Paterson, Macduff and the family of the late RWD Benzie, Aberdeen.